Joseph Goodman ist zu Gast im Podcast Weird Games and Weirder People von Diogo Nogueira:

Joseph Goodman runs Goodman Games. He has written a number of RPG titles, including DCC RPG, DragonMech, and many dungeon crawl adventures. His best work, though, is mentoring the amazing group of creators who have come to publish their work through Goodman Games. Joseph is also well known within the DCC RPG community as the Dark Lord, but in a very dear way. I had the pleasure to work with Goodman Games a few times, but I’ve always been an admirer of not only their work with games, but especially in the way they ciultivate creativity and community. In this chat we talk about many great topics, including game design, doing business as a game, creativity, nature as inspiration, the famous Appendix N, and parenthood. This was a fantastic chat, Joseph is always very generous with his wisdom so I recommend you listen to this one closely! So, listen up, and get weird with us!

Hier über 100 Gründe, warum man unbedingt diesen Podcast hören und Dungeon Crawl Classics spielen sollte. Nr. 0 verzückt und hat mein Leben verändert!